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Austin Texas speaks about Dr. Jeff Echols
and Active Life Healing Center

Austin Back Pain and Neck Pain Testimonials of Relief

Healthy And Pain Free Video Testimonial

“My husband had seen me suffer with lower back, hip, and sciatic problems over several years.  He researched on-line to find someone to help me with the pain that 

I had been in for approximately 10 years.

To our great surprise, he found who he wanted me to see in austin, texas.  Since my son had just remarried and moved to the houston area, the great aspect of seeing

Dr. Echols meant i had family near also.  My husband is extremely selective when my health is concerned but after seeing dr. Echols in his on-line video, he knew he was

The doctor i needed to see for all of these painful areas.

I flew down to austin and was amazed at dr. Echol's expertise as i had been in the chiropractic field for many years and had seen and been adjusted by many different

Chiropractors.  I am definitely a person who desires non-invasive therapies and medicine so i have been well educated especially in the chiropractic area.

Dr. Echols more than met any expectation that i had before seeing him.  I was met by a positive, friendly, professional doctor of chiropractic that introduced me to

The chiropractic field with adjustments i had never experienced.  

When i arrived, i was in severe pain and almost unable to walk.  I was feeling like there wasn't much hope for my situation.  Dr. Echols proceeded to take x-rays and

Began a series of chiropractic adjustments that changed my pain level almost immediately.  I had never before experienced the chiropractic adjustments like he 

Made on me.  He changed the pain level each day which made my life more tolerable in that area.  He also has a full knowledge of supplements that he has on site

That are quality for bringing back the body and aiding in healing.

I am considering living part time near my family in houston so that i can drive to austin to see dr. Echols and keep maintenance going.  After looking at the x-rays,

I found out that the hip joint has to be repaired via surgery but dr. Echols stabilized me so well that i now have time to make that decision when i feel comfortable with 

The right surgeon and process.

Dr. Echols also invited me to a workshop where i experienced more healing techniques that he has access to which helped change my life in positive ways.

I would recommend dr. Echols to anyone seeking care through chiropractic avenues and techniques that i had never seen before which really help to get stabilization

With the above mentioned conditions.  Even my hip joint isn't like it was when i arrived.  I am in less pain and have stayed that way so i am thrilled with my trip, the care

Dr. Echols gave me, his demeanor, his expertise, his encouragement and his quality products in the form of supplements.

I would recommend dr. Echols no matter where you live in the world.  He is well worth making the trip to texas!”

"...I had been looking for a chiropractor in the Austin area to adjust my neck to help ease my migraine headaches. I have been more than pleased with the education, treatment plan, treatment and added overall health improvements... I would suggest a consultation to anyone who wants to achieve oerall optimal health!"  - SM

"I have always been able to exercise and/or watch my food intake and maintain my weight. However, in my late 40's - early 50's, it seemed that my metabolism was shut down. Over a few years I put on 25 pounds and couldn't lose it no matter how hard I exercised or how little I ate. I met Dr. Echols and decided to give him a shot... It's been over a year and a half since losing the weight and I have kept the weight off...  I finally feel like ME again. Thanks Dr. Echols!" - LS

"I was having a lot of neck and back pain. Since I've gotten on a regular treatment plan, I'm seeing great improvement. My headaches are much less frequent and I have seen a big improvement in my range of motion in the neck." - RS

"What I feel after my first treatment, is described here:

First of all, I would never forget the day I met you. As my seven-year-old son had told me, 'Dad, Dr. Echols is the bestest doctor in the world.' It's 100% true...

My back pain and constant, bothering, nagging neck pain have gone. My face used to be soggy and dull. Nowit looks fresh and lively. Whatever was the cause is gone now. My hips, thighs, used to get chills after 10 to 15 minutes of standing, but it's gone now... I am so happy with the improvement after the first treatment...

Dr. Jeff, you are blessing of God and healing hands. I suffered 5 years from severe pain on and off, and last 2 1/2 years were terrible.

You gave my family a big smile. We love you. May God bless you with good health and long life as you are serving the suffering ones with great love, care and treatment." - SH


Dr. Jeff Echols, DC

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