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Clinical nutritionist for Weight loss in Austin, TX. Weight loss plans and education.

Get a tailored weight loss plan and let Austin weight loss Dr. Jeff Echols help you with your weight management needs.

Many Austinites struggle with issues about weight loss, weight loss management and body image. Being one of the top ten Healthiest cities in America [ACSM American Fitness Index 2012] raises most people’s awareness of body-image, overall health and fitness, and makes them wonder “how can I lose weight?.” But getting fit and weight loss weight management to create the ideal weight for yourself is not always an easy task. You may be unknowingly struggling with hidden nutrition barriers to your success with diet and weight loss.

Some common ways you may have tried to lose weight with mainstream techniques include excess cardiovascular exercise, a dangerous diet to lose weight or taking a weight loss drug. But any diet to lose weight will most likely be unsuccessful if you’re dealing with an underlying food allergy, sensitivity or nutrition deficiency. Think about it, how can you lose weight if you’re body isn’t functioning properly to digest food and burn off excess calories?

Ideally, if you intend to lose weight healthy you’ll see us for a professional nutritional evaluation through Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) with a Nutritionist in order to discover if there are any underlying nutritional deficiencies or food allergies keeping you from obtaining your goal weight. Then, our professional Nutritionist can tailor a program to suit your needs for healthy weight loss management.

NRT has two components: the analysis, and the customized clinical nutrition. The analysis tests your body’s own neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. The neurological reflexes are part of the nervous system that regulates the functions of every organ.

The acupuncture points come from the ancient Chinese health care system. NRT is a study of how these different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and the flow of energy in each organ and function of the body. Each NRT reflex represents a specific organ, tissue, or function, and your response indicates the effect that energy (or lack thereof) is having on the body. By testing the NRT reflexes, we have a system of monitoring your body at each visit that has been clinically proven to have a high level of accuracy. This system helps us identify exactly what the body needs and how well your program meets those changing needs.

Nutrition Response Testing tells you when and what to use to bring about the desired result. You need the potential of restoring your health, staying healthy and to lose weight healthy. But in the end you are the one responsible for your own condition and weight loss management. We’re here to help you make the right choices so that you can confidently take charge of your health and weight loss management. Just remember to do it one step at a time, and that we are here to guide you through your journey.


Dr. Jeff Echols, DC

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